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Do you have an audience that would LOVE Billfodl and Privacy Pros products? Then we want your help!

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We love content creators, bloggers, youtubers, twitter rockstars, and developers with a passionate audience for cryptocurrency and privacy. We know our products can benefit them, so we are always looking for partners to help us create a safer world to HODL in. That’s why we need YOU.

We offer a very generous commission schedule for whatever your audience spends on our store - 15% actually! To sign up, and get your very own affiliate link and start earning money immediately!

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If you need any assistance getting set-up, let us know by emailing us at We can create custom commission schedules so you can give part of your commissions to your audience (if you want), and we will try to accommodate any other requests you may have.

We can’t wait to work with you!

HODL Strong, Colin and Bryan.

Founders, and Billfodl


We do not accept coupon sites as affiliates.

Rules for Receiving commission

It is the responsibility of the Affiliate to keep an email with an active PayPal account on file in their LeadDyno affiliate dashboard/account. EV International is not responsible for missed payments due to a restricted PayPal account or account with no up-to-date paypal email address. EV international will hold payments for up to 90 days past the due date, at which time, affiliate payments will be considered forfeit due to lack of viable payment address.

Payments will be made once an affilate has accrued $75 USD worth of commissions. The 90 day rule above only applies to affiliates who have met the minimum $75 of commissions required. If an affiliate is unable to accrue $75 of commissions within 90 days, the funds will be held for the affiliate until they do. At that point, the 90 day redeem rule will trigger.

Man relaxing Infographic