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It All Starts With a Seed

When you setup your hardware wallet like a Ledger, Trezor, or KeepKey, you will be given 12-24 words known as a 'recovery seed'. Some software wallets on your phone also use these 12 to 24 word phrases as well.

This 'seed' is used to recover your funds if your hardware wallet is ever lost, stolen, or destroyed. Essentially, these words are a backup of your coins. When you start a new wallet, you will have the option to input these words and get your coins back. This is because your coins are not actually sitting on the old device, but rather at your public address on the blockchain. These 24 words just prove you own that address.

Backing Up Your Seed

Most people write this seed down on a piece of paper.

Bad idea...

What if your house catches on fire or you experience a flood?
That's why you back up your seed on a Billfodl.

Recovery Seed

What Is a Billfodl?

The Billfodl is a small, wallet sized stainless steel enclosure designed to house any kind of crypto private key or recovery seed you may need to protect from physical threats of destruction. With the Billfodl, you don't need fancy stamping sets or hammers. Instead we provide a randomized set of character tiles, laser engraved for maximum readability and ease of installation.


Setting Up the Billfodl

Spell out your key or seed by sliding the tiles, one by one, into the slats seen in this picture. You can store up to 96 characters, allowing you to backup an entire 24 word seed in one unit. Don't worry if your entire seed is longer than 96 characters; you only need the first 4 letters of each seed word to fully backup your coins.

Once installed and locked, store away in a safe place to achieve a permanent fireproof and waterproof offline backup.


The standard Billfodl supports all seed/key types: Hex, BIP-39 Seed Phrases, Alpha-Numeric, and more. Unlike other products on the market, that charge you in excess of $200 for the same support as the Billfodl, you only need to pay $99.00 for this flexibility.

Billfodl Setup Guide

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