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Privacy is our mission

At Privacy Pros, we believe that privacy is a right we must all protect on our own. But that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. That’s why Bryan and Colin Aulds created Privacy Pros.

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Why listen to us?

If you have been interested in Bitcoin at all the past few years, you’ve probably heard of our product, the Billfodl. If you haven’t, it is a product designed to keep your Bitcoin ‘private keys’ (which are basically very long passwords) safe from all sorts of threats. My brother Colin and I became so obsessed with this project that we became experts in it.

As it turns out (and we’ll be covering this more in the coming days), Bitcoin is not the only technology that uses private keys to keep digital data safe and secure. There are all sorts of technologies you use every day that depend on them (your email and your internet connection are good examples). But private keys and encryption are still such a small piece of the puzzle.

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Cyber-security is
a big world

As we developed a group of loyal and enthusiastic customers, we found that many of them had questions about what else they could do to keep their Bitcoin safe. But many were worried about much more than just their Bitcoin.

They wanted to:

  • Identify and avoid scams
  • Remain completely anonymous when buying a house or a car
  • Protect their kids from predators online
  • Find the name and address of their stalker
  • Monitor their home wifi network for free-riders
  • Secure their online accounts
  • Send money to someone living under a dictatorial government
  • Wipe their personal information from the internet
  • And many more...

In short, our customers are just a few of the many people who are realizing that we each have an identity online, and often that identity can be used to harm us.

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Answering the questions

Sometimes we knew how to help the people who reached out to us. Sometimes we didn’t. Over time, we either became the expert or we had one on speed dial for more or less any question you might have about cyber-security.

But more importantly, we knew how to explain these concepts so that anyone could understand how to take action and improve their online security. That is when we stopped being Billfodl and we started being Privacy Pros.



Bryan and Colin are the creators of Billfodl wallet and the founders of Privacy Pros. They are both hosts on The Unhashed Podcast .

Colin and Bryan have written for outlets such as ShopBestVPN and BuyBitcoinWorldWide .

Colin Aulds

Colin Aulds

Colin graduated from Belmont University with a bachelors in Business Administration in 2011. He was a registered rep with New York Life Insurance Company from 2011 to 2014, where he advised clients on how to use insurance instruments to minimize tax liability and utilize infinite banking to decrease reliance on debt with big banks.

It was in 2011 that he first heard of Bitcoin on the forum ( when it existed ) and then libertyHQ forums forums where he wrote volumes under the ‘TexasTrigger’ pseudonym. Unfortunately, he thought Bitcoin was stupid, and remained a gold bug.

That is, until he moved to Seoul, South Korea in 2014 where he met Ruben Somsen, founder of the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup.

Colin now works as webmaster for and where he also writes. Colin is now webmaster and head of digital marketing at

Follow him on twitter.

Bryan Aulds

Bryan Aulds

Bryan graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelors of Science in Naval Architecture in 2007. He then flew helicopters for HSC-9 off of the aircraft carrier USS G.H.W. BUSH. It was on the Bush that he was first exposed to intensive security situations, flying plane guard and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection flights for the carrier. He even escorted the carrier through the straights of Hormuz, coming into contact with armed Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps vessels and small craft.

Several years later, Bryan would return to the middle east to work for the US Navy Central Command Staff's Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Office. He also attended the DoD Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Planning training, which focused on assessing threats and designing systems and procedures in order to mitigate the potential damage from those threats.

He would use this training in the volatile Middle East Region to help drive policy and planning for all US Navy forces in the middle east. He worked with NCIS and the US Embassy staff of many Middle Eastern countries, including Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the UAE, to liaise with the host countries to ensure US vessels pulling into various ports had the latest intel and threat information.

With the help of his brother Colin, Bryan started in late 2017 and left the US Navy in 2018. Bryan is now head of Business Development and strategy at

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The unhashed podcast

As hosts of the Unhashed Podcast, Colin and Bryan help bring Bitcoin down to Earth and demystify a lot of false claims about blockchains and what they are actually capable of. They are joined every week by lead maintainer of the Bitcoin Mailing list Ruben Somsen and lead customer support agent for Blockstream Green Mario Gibney.

The show is part of the prestigious Lets Talk Bitcoin Network .


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December is launched


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Billfodl becomes the 4th ecommerce store in history to accept lightning network payments.


Nicolas Dorier


Nicolas Dorier makes his first lightning network payment to Bryan Aulds and shortly thereafter adds lightning support to BTCPayServer.


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Unhashed podcast is launched


Faraday Bag


Billfodl releases its faraday bag product, starting Billfodl's journey as a cyber-security company


Billfodl Scientific Study


Billfodl becomes the first and only backup to be tested at a department of homeland security testing site , surviving a 600 gallon jet fuel burn.


Billfodl Multi-shard


Billfodl releases the Multi-shard, revolutionizing the steel backup category


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Unhashed Podcast becomes part of the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network


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Billfodl rebrands as Privacy Pros


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