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Back up your Crypto in Steel.

Privacy Pros Billfodl Marine Grade Stainless Steel gives you peace of mind when protecting your crypto against fire and flood.

Which is Best For You


Billfoldl + Ledger Nano S
$ 139.00

Best For

People holding 3 or fewer

Active Trader

Billfoldl + Ledger Nano X
$ 239.00

Best For

People holding more than 3

Hardware Wallet Owner

The Billfodl

Best For

People who own hardware
wanting a seed-phrase

Long-Term Storage ( S )

Cyber Security Package + Nano S
$ 179.00

Best For

People with 3 or fewer
cryptocurrencies looking for a
long-term storage option

Long-Term Storage ( X )

Cyber Security Package + Nano X
$ 269.00

Best For

People with more than 3
cryptocurrencies looking for a
long-term storage option


"We feel that anyone with significant amount of cryptocurrency who is relying on paper seeds as backups should consider a Billfodl. For a few bucks, it is a rather cheap insurance policy against many potential threats that paper backup seeds don’t."

Jordan Tuwiner

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"For what it aims to achieve, the Billfodl device accomplishes everything – it’s cheaper than the competition, uses better materials and is better designed. That makes it the best product on the market for storing your keys or seed words"

Oliver Dale

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"Billfodl is my 'go to' for deep cold storage and the only long term storage solution I trust. I feel safer knowing my seed fragments can withstand fire, flood and pretty much anything else nature can throw at is. Billfodl's quality is second to none!."

Mike Olthoff

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"With Billfodl offering so many features for half of the price, would it still be a good idea to get (one of their competitors)? Billfodl has raised the bar considerably. Let’s be objective – Billfodl offers a superior product at a considerably lower price."

Ciprian V.

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The Biggest Companies in Crypto Trust Billfodl Backups

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