backup jaxx

Many people use Jaxx wallet as their main cryptocurrency wallet. While creating a wallet is a pretty easy and intuitive, most users don’t pay attention to the seed phrase and do not save it anywhere.

What is a Seed?

When creating a Jaxx wallet, the user is shown 12 random words which are called the seed words. The seed can be used to recover the cryptocurrency portfolio on other devices in case something happens to the main device. It is extremely important to save the seed phrase somewhere safe and stored on something durable like a Billfodl - see below for more details

Backing Up the Seed Phrase

The only thing that actually needs backing up is the seed phrase. The seed phrase can be backed up by performing the following steps:

1. On the home screen, select the “Back Up Now” button on the upper-right hand side.

Back Up Now on Jaxx Wallet

2. You will be take to this screen where Jaxx asks you to make sure no one can see your screen. This is important because if someone can see your screen, they will know your seed and can take your funds. If no one is around, hit the check box and select the “Start Backup” button.

Start Backup on Jaxx Wallet

3. You will then be shown 4 words. Jaxx tells you to write them down, which you can do, but as mentioned above, it is really better to put them in our device, the Billfodl. This will allow you to back up your seed in something more durable than paper in case of a fire or flood - when you need your back up the most. Hit “Next 4 Words” once you have finished recording the first 4 in your preferred medium.

First four words of the backup phrase on Jaxx Wallet

4. Next, you will be shown words 5-8. Record these as well, then select “Next 4 Words”. If you need to go back to see the first 4 words, select “Previous 4 Words”.

Next four words of the backup phrase on Jaxx Wallet

5. You will now be shown the final 4 words (9-12). Once you record these words, select “Confirm Backup Phrase” to go to the next screen.

Final four words of the backup phrase on Jaxx Wallet

6. At this screen, Jaxx wants to verify that you have correctly recorded each word in your seed phrase. This is crucial, because if you have the wrong words recorded or if you have misspelled the first four letters of any word, you will not be able to recover your coins later on if you need to.Type each word in its corresponding line and make sure you are entering them exactly as you have spelled them on your own copy - this ensures that if you have improperly recorded them, you can catch it now while it is safe to make a mistake.

Enter backup phrase

7. Finish inputting your recovery phrase and then select “Confirm”.

Confirm after finished inputing recovery phrase

8. Jaxx will let you know that your Backup is complete and allow you to head over to the home screen by selecting “Jaxx Liberty Home”.

Backup complete notification

9. Take your backup (whether on paper or a Billfodl) and store it somewhere safe but also non-obvious. Again, anyone that gains access to your backup can steal your coins, so you need to put it somewhere that people you don’t trust can’t find it.

And that’s it! Congratulations! Your Jaxx wallet has now been backed up.

If you’d like to consider taking your backup to the next level, again, consider investing in a Billfodl. Think of it as an insurance policy on your crypto investment. You can learn more about the Billfodl or buy one below.